About Us

Serving the Dairy and Bakery Industries.

National Stabilizers was founded in Burbank, Ca. in 1975 by George Rybak and Richard McKiernan. George Rybak had built and was running a successful flavor business. Richard McKiernan was a chemist with thirty years of experience developing stabilizers and running a sales operation for a large East Coast based stabilizer company. Together they partnered up to form NSI and began providing flavor and stabilizer solutions to some of the largest dairies on the West Coast. With over forty years of experience. NSI can save you time by providing the best possible answers to the challenges you faces in today's evolving food industry.

Our Process

NSI produces proprietary food stabilizers

National Stabilzers is the trusted food stabilizer company to provide proprietary high quality food stabilizer solutions. Our methods for delivering the best possible stabilzation solutions that help meet your business objectives include:
* Meeting with you to discover and understand your specific challenges and applications.

* Match your specific requirments with products that provide optimum results for your dairy or bakery products.

* Coordinating a trial to determine a successful solution and outcome for your application.

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