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What function must the hydrocolloid perform?

ThickenStabilizeSuspendControl water movementAdhereForm film

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If this system is liquid, what is the solvent?


If other liquid, please specify:

If this system is dry, where is the necessary moisture coming from?

Consumer mix and useSteamSubstrate

If other moisture source, please describe:

What other materials are present?


If other solubles are present, please describe:

What is the free water?

What is the pH of the system?

What are the processing conditions?

Shear mixingColdRetortedInstantHeated

If other processing, please describe:

What is the finished form of the product?


If different finished form, please describe:

Are insolubles present?


If other insolubles are present, please describe:

Do the insolubles need to be suspended?


What are the critical points for water?

During bakingFreezingStorageExtrusion

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Technical Request

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